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We encourage all legal professionals to write.

It is our endeavor to develop the art of drafting and writing amongst the members of the Legal Fraternity.We provide a platform for all members of the Legal Fraternity to showcase their knowledge, talent and experience.We would like you to share your knowledge and publications on the website.

What we publish...

We invite people to write Articles, Research Papers, Blogs and Comments. We are even happy to publish Gossipand Jokes. You can also upload videos of interest to the community.

Since our interest is only the Legal Community we only solicit publications and writings, for the benefit of the Legal Community.

We do not encourage plagiarism!

Any writing found to be plagiarized, indecent or containing un-parliamentary, illegal or objectionable content shall be deleted from the website without any notice to the author.

We reserve the right to withdraw, delete or hide any content, blog, article, paper or writing of any kind which we find, in our sole discretion, to be offensive, un-parliamentary, illegal or objectionable.No individual has a right to use any kind of offensive language on the website while expressing his opinions or while giving comments. We reserve the right to modify, upgrade or change whatever we publish without any notice.

However, within the ambit of law we encourage free thought and speech. We do not control or restrict anyone's freedom of expression or thought.

We would encourage articles, research papers and blogs having:

  • good legal content

  • reference to precedents/judgments

  • reference to eminent jurists and their work

  • original thought and interpretation

  • comparison with foreign jurisprudence

  • special local laws and customs

  • good and correct language (though desirable-this is notessential)

How to publish...

Articles and research papers: Register on the website. Fill in the details on the applicable form and complete your profile. Go to the articles and researchsection. Click on the "Write an Article" button. Write or upload your article/paper. It is done! Your article will be live automatically.

Blogs: Register on the website. Fill in the details on the applicable form and complete your profile. Go to theWorld Law Blogsection. Click on the "Make your voice heard" button. Write or upload the blog. It is done! Your blog will be live automatically.

Forum: Register on the website. Fill in the details on the applicable form and complete your profile. Go to the World Law Forum section. Click on the "Have Your Say" button. Write or upload whatever you need to say on the forum. You can also post your comment on a thread or discussion initiated by someone else. It is done! Your comments will be live automatically.

To post an article/paper/blog/comment on the forum you will need to be registered on the website and signed in.

If you wish to send us some gossip or jokesfor publication, you will need to send us the same on info@worldlawcentre.com.

For any query, kindly do not hesitate to contact us.

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