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The Indian Legal Fraternity is quite large and many interesting facts of law are not very popular or known to all.
Many of us do not know the number of Chief Justices we have had since independence, nor do some of us know the name of the first Chief Justice of India, or the name of the current Chief Justice!

World Law Centre has collected various interesting aspects related to the legal world such as, landmark cases; list of Chief Justices of India; largest legal firms in the world; top Indian law firms; top Indian women lawyers; hierarchy of courts; best international films, best international T.V. series, best English novels, Hindi movies with courtroom drama; and games and entertainment.

Hierarchy of Courts is also interesting and we have tried to show the complex hierarchy of courts in India in a simple yet elegant way. World of Law has also enlisted top lawyers and law firms in the country and across the world.

Legal profession is one of the oldest professions popularized by many films and televisions through courtroom scenes for years. It is also a popular subject of literature. Some of the most amazing movies, TV series, novels, and books have been listed on the website. To make educational data more interesting, the website has tried to present various features in an interesting manner.

All good things start with one kind word, one small action and one inspired intention. The website hopes to inspire more and more people to join the profession.


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