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Ministry of Home Affairs

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)is one of the most important ministries and is responsible for maintaining the internal security and domestic policies of the country. It is the cadre controlling authority for IPS, DANICS and DANIPS. The head of MHA is the Union Cabinet Minister of Home Affairs who is assisted by a minister of State and civil servants. It also comprises of Home Secretary who is a senior IAS Officer and  other Officers. 

Departments of Home Affairs

There There are several Departments of Home Affairs which are listed below:

  • Department of Border Management–deals with border management, strengthening of border security including coastal borders, and creation of infrastructure and border areas development etc.

  • Department of Home–deals with the notification of appointment of the Prime Minister and other Ministers and assumption of office by the President and Vice-President etc.

  • Department of Internal Security–deals with IPS, CPF, internal security and law & order, naxalism, terrorism and terrorist financing, insurgency, inimical foreign agencies' activities, grant of visa and other immigration matters, rehabilitation, security clearances etc.

  • Department of J&K Affairs–deals with constitutional provisions with regard to Jammu & Kashmir and other matters in relation to the State excluding matters related to the Ministry of External Affairs.

  • Department of Official Language–deals with implementation of the Constitutional provisions relating to official languages and the Official Languages Act, 1963.

  • Department of States–deals with Inter-State relations, Centre-State relations, administration of Union Territories, Human rights, Police Reforms, Freedom Fighters’ pension, Prison Reforms, etc

Divisions of MHA

There are various organisational Divisions of MHA, which are as follows:

  • Administration Division

  • Border Management Division

  • Centre-State Division

  • Coordination Division

  • Disaster Management Division

  • Finance Division

  • Foreigners Division

  • Freedom Fighters & Rehabilitation Division

  • Human Rights Division

  • Internal Security Division-I

  • Internal Security Division-II

  • Jammu & Kashmir Division

  • Judicial Division

  • Left Wing Extremism Division

  • North East Division

  • Police Division-I

  • Police Division-II

  • Police Modernisation Division

  • Policy Planning Division

  • Union Territories Division

One of the most important division of the Ministry is the Foreigners Division and the Bureau of Immigration. The Foreigners Division deals with all matters relating to visa, immigration and citizenships etc. This includes matter relating to overseas citizenship of India and registration of foreigners in India.

We have provided links to the website of the Ministry, the Foreigner Divisions and the Bureau of Immigration. 

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Important Ministry of Home Affairs Laws

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