Tips To Avoid DUI And Traffic Violations

By Alice P


Alice P

The frenetic and accelerated pace of life that we lead today makes us live with permanent stress. The driving activity causes this stress to increase if we do not know how to control it correctly. That's why Maipú offers you eight tips that will help you avoid driving stress.


Driving is a common source of stress for many people and that stress increases the likelihood of suffering or causing a sinister road. To avoid this, in Maipú we give you a detail of the main causes that cause stress in driving and how you can do to avoid it.


In most cities of the world, the number of cars that circulate in the streets grows day after day and generates a vehicular chaos that, added to the pressures of the drivers, generates tense situations. But, beyond traffic, it is important to bear in mind that driving is inherently a demanding and potentially stressful activity.


Here, the warning alarm goes off: a stressed driver is not in the best conditions to drive safely. But, first of all, we must ask ourselves:


What Is Stress?


Stress is the physicochemical reaction of the organism to new situations that produce physical and often psychological alterations.


Stress And Driving


Stress influences the way you drive because it increases the likelihood of suffering or causing a road accident. Even for some people, the very act of driving involves stress.


The difficulties on the road (a traffic jam, the car that goes before slowly circulating, the annoying lights of a vehicle coming from the front, the red light, wells or potholes, etc.) are often causes of excessive tension and anxiety that generate risk responses, potential accident generators.


Causes Of Stress When Driving


  • Stress due to external conditions: high density of traffic, roads in poor condition, lack of traffic signals, recklessness and lack of expertise of other drivers.


  • Stress as a habit of life: lack of self-control when handling emotions.


  • Stress by learning to drive or present fear of driving.


These types of stress are assumed differently by the driver. In the first two causes, the driver assumes a reckless or aggressive behavior, but in the case of fear of driving, he drives with fear and anxiety. Both behaviors are dangerous since the driver does not have the correct attitude to preventively manage his vehicle.


The Advices


1) Do not drive in a hurry. I left with enough time to calmly face any unforeseen event; and if you are late, remember that it is always better to arrive a few minutes late to run the risk of an accident.


2) Try to be well rested before embarking on a trip. Especially in the case of long journeys, it is good to sleep the recommended amount of hours, because the drowsiness and fatigue as well as being dangerous at the wheel, will cause stress and bad mood.


3) Do not impose unattainable goals. Also do not mark rigid arrival hours for any activity that does not necessarily require it. As we told you before, it is better to arrive a few minutes late, but finally.


4) Listen to quiet music in a moderate volume while driving. If you put the music too loud, even if you try to relax, the effect may be exactly the opposite.


5) Try to leave personal problems aside when driving. If you are driving alone, do not think about issues that cause you stress or bad mood. And if you are accompanied, do not maintain strong arguments with the passengers or with the rest of the drivers. It is best to leave these types of conversations for when you are relaxed.


6) Try alternative routes. If the road you make every day is chaotic and traffic is very congested try new routes that allow you to relax and, by the way, meet new landscapes


7) I have patience. When you get into a traffic jam, take a tolerant and patient attitude. Listen to your favorite music and try to relax.


8) Drive slowly and carefully. Always respect the traffic regulations.



9) Always be sure to consult your DUI or Personal Injury Lawyer in case of emergency.

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