Directory of Law Teachers in India

World Law Centre provides a common platform where you can get a directory oflaw teachers in India.

A directory of legal teachers is available on the website with their profile, qualification and other details such as their location, area of study and specialization, law college/law school/law department of the university where they work.

For the first time, a dedicated portal, which focuses on the law faculty and law students, is available on the website. The website facilitates every faculty in India to visit the website, register and create their profile. The registration is free of cost and is online. The comprehensive directory increases the visibility of all law faculties in the country and creates an ecosystem for all legal professionals to interact with one another on a single platform. The website also provides a platform for members of the legal fraternity to write on its blogs and forums. The Articles and Research section enables every legal professional to upload, without any intervention, any Article or Legal paper. Active participation by the legal faculty in India issolicited. We desire to bring every law teacher pan India, on to a common platform.

The Directory of law teachers in India, contains all and detailed information of the legal faculties across the country. The website has provided an easy to use search engine. The website has alarge number oflegal teachers from different locations and with different area of study like, constitutional, administrative, criminal, intellectual property rights, business, corporate, human rights, public international law, cyber law, etc. One can use filters to optimize the search and find the most relevant results.

Public domain is the source of the listings. However, any person who does not wish to be listed in the directory can get his or her name removed by following the procedure mentioned in the “Delete your Listing” on the home page footer.