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Law search provides the facility to access the latest Acts and legislation on one single platform.
Acts passed by legislatures or other legislative bodies or authorities are a set of written laws, enacted with the purpose to regulate, authorize, outlaw, provide, sanction, grant, declare, or restrict certain acts or omissions. A statute is generally referred to as a 'Bill' until it is passed or approved by legislature. Till such time it cannot be considered as a law. Legislature enacts law to enable the common citizens to know about the provisions pertaining to a particular situation.

In the era of Information Technology where a huge amount of information is available online, World Law Centre brings library of Bare Acts or Statutes and Legislations passed by the Central or State Legislatures with the ease of click or by a voice command. Our attempt to make available Free Online Bare acts is to empower the Legal Fraternity. We hope that this attempt will go a long way in providing updated laws to all members of the Legal Fraternity.

The website contains various Central Legislations with latest amendments. An easy to use law search engine has been provided on the website. We hope to fulfil the need of the law students and legal professionals in this regard. The search engines have been designed in such a way that the users can easily view and download list of bare acts in India. The accessibility and downloading of the statutes are free of cost. Users can search the statutes by title. Search can be optimized with the help of filters. We hope to introduce State Legislations soon.