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Here one can find the opportunity to search for paid or unpaid programmers in different law firms, LPOs, corporate sectors etc. The Rules of Legal Education issued by the Bar Council provides that every registered student should have completed minimum of 12 weeks internship for the three year course and 20 weeks for five year course. Even otherwise also for a career in law, internships are necessary to develop various skills and experience. For a career in any industry, today internship is the key. We need to prioritize the opportunities because such trainings with reputed corporates, lawyers or law firms may lead to pre placement offers and can lead to your future dream job. College students need to find good opportunities of learning in different sectors to help facilitate a career choice. These are practical experiences for law students that help them bridge the gap between educational life and professional life and allow interns to understand what it really is to work in the legal industry or sector of their choice. It is important to know the relevance of internships today. Number of students joining law internships in India has increased nowadays as companies offer more opportunities. It can be paid and unpaid both.

To take advantage of the available opportunities there is a great paucity of good internships. One may think that one has all the time in the world to figure things out; the truth is that these traineeships are over before you know it, so one has to plan in advance.

All the related details will be provided here such as, full time or part time, stipend, duration, last date to apply etc. A responsive search engine has been created to know about various internship programmers. Users can search for such programmers by title, organization, type and location. To optimize the search, users can apply filters.


Interns Diary
I am a third year student of BALLB (H) from Banaras Hindu University. I got the opportunity to intern here through Internshala. First Day at the office was extremely welcoming and warm as I was introduced to every person. I was allotted my own desktop too.

Subash Sir and Indira Ma'am welcomed the interns with a personal session where we learnt the nuances of the profession, what we would be doing the whole month and also the Rule no. 6 (You really need to meet him for knowing this!) that one has to keep in mind while interning with him. The main tasks given to the intern was writing articles of your own choice of topic and world legal news feeding. We also visited courts and met Mr. Arvind Singh who is the senior vice-president legal & liason, DLF Ltd. Subash Sir also discussed with every intern that what are the opportunities one have in law field. He introduced us to various careers in law field which we were not aware of like in Aviation Sector. There were no restrictions on interns. Everyone at the office is so helpful and cooperative; the work environment is very friendly and not at all boring. This internship was the best internship I have done. If one is at the budding stage of his law career, this internship is highly recommendable. You get to learn various things which any other lawyer may or may not invest in teaching you.

veiw-more Ashi Sonik

It was one of the best decision I took to come here for this internship, I never felt stressed, there is no such thing called workload for interns,

be it a co-intern or other member of the organisation every one has something different to teach you and it's totally depends on one, how much he can extract from them. Thank You so much Subhash sir and Indira Ma'am for your every lessons and blessings. It is a life long guidance, your words will always help me to take decisions in my life. I wish to work here again.

veiw-more Ashutosh Dharpure

I am 3rd year student from faculty of law Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. It was one of my best decision to work with these guys.

I have learned lots of great things which will help me throughout my life. For me to work here is just like a great opportunity. Working under the guidance of Subash sir and Indra mam is just like working with your friend. They always tell me right things and teach me how to do research work. Atmosphere of the office is very much encouraging. Everyone in the office are friendly and helpful. For me working in the office is completely stress free. I am very much thankful to them for giving me such opportunity.

veiw-more Sumit Chambial

I am 3rd year student from University Institute of law and Management Studies, MDU Rohtak. The best reason to work here is the environment and very supportive management.

I have learned lots of things which will surely help me and I am very much thankful to them for giving me such opportunity.

veiw-more Damini Yadav

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