Directory of Law Firms in India

World Law Centre provides a Directory of Law Firms in India.

It gives information regarding the contact details, location and professional profile of the firms along with other relevant details like practice areas such as criminal, civil, corporate, arbitration, environmental, family or matrimonial, human rights, business law, banking, insurance, motor accident, taxation, bankruptcy and insolvency, medical negligence, consumer protection, competition, employees benefit, workers’ compensation, domestic violence, securities, international trade, aviation, maritime etc.

Links have been provided to the websites of Law Firms wherever possible. The facility to register on the website and create a profile has also been provided. The Law Firms directory is expected to increase the visibility of all such organizations in the country and will create an ecosystem for all legal professionals to interact with one another on a single platform.

The website seeks to list all Law Firms situated in different parts of the country. The listing of all Law Firms is expected to help not only the potential clients but also law students in building their career by applying for jobs in these legal firms. The search engine enables a person to search legal firms by name, location and practice area or area of expertise. Various filters have been provided for the purpose.

We have collected information of information of Law Firms in utmost good faith, from information available in the public domain. This has been done in pursuance to our commitment to bring legal professionals across India, on to a common platform for promotion of the legal profession.

Law Firms who desire to be removed from the directory can write to us. The procedure for removing the listing is clearly mentioned in the “Delete your Listing” page on the home page.