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The Centre for Business and Commercial Laws (CBCL) is a UGC-accredited body at the National Law Institute University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Established in 2008, CBCL aims to provide an avenue to the students of business and commercial laws to explore and develop the foundation required to be a successful practitioner in the field.


The CBCL Blog has been started by CBCL for the purpose of encouraging students to engage in research and discussion in the areas of corporate law, law of arbitration, law of taxation, insolvency law, and sports law.

Link to the blog is here.


Submissions for the blog shall be reviewed on a rolling basis. Authors, who can be students or practitioners, are advised to follow a uniform mode of citation. Further, the blog article must deal with an issue relevant to the aforementioned areas. Authors are advised to keep their respective articles concise and precise (not more than 1,500 words, ideally). The submission must be made via email to


Deeksha Malik (Founder-Editor, The CBCL Blog): +91 9399470463

Arshia Verma (Convenor, CBCL): +91 7049729766

Rohan Kohli (Co-Convenor, CBCL): +91 9617950534

Event Type :Blog

Venue: Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh , India

Event Date : Submissions for the blog on a rolling basis

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Organiser ( NLIU Bhopal )

Contact Person : Deeksha Malik

Mobile : 9399470463

Email :