Law Events

There are various law events, which are organized in different parts of the world by and for the legal fraternity.

These include moot courts, seminars, conferences, summits, lectures, legal aid campaigns, workshops, essay writing competitions, job fairs, exhibitions, etc. World Law Centre brings you different types of legal events conducted on national and international level.

We are attempting to bring forward up to date record and information of all such events occurring across the world, which will help the user to know and participate in them. Participating in such events can be helpful in grooming the career of law students and legal professionals.

The website provides colleges and different organizations the facility to post different seminars, workshops, conferences, moot courts, etc. on the website for promotion. For posting any such competition, conference or seminar, it is compulsory to be registeredon the website. Registration is a very simple process and it is free of cost. After registration, one only needs to fill up the required details.

Users are being provided with a list of law events, which are conducted worldwide, on this common platform. We have aggregated the best of legal events like moot courts, seminars, conferences, lectures, summits, essay writing competitions, workshops, job fairs, exhibitions, etc. from different sources. We have created a simple user interface to encourage members of the legal fraternity to participate in such conferences, seminars etc. One can search by title and location. We have enabled filters to optimize the search. Complete information like name, venue, date of registration, duration, organizer's details,short description, registration fee, etc. has been provided on the website.