NLUJ Parliamentary Debate 2018


Particulars of Event:

This is our official invite:

The Debating Society of National Law University, Jodhpur is pleased to invite your institution to the NLUJ Parliamentary Debate 2018. The debate is scheduled to be held on April 13-15, 2018. The debate will follow the 3 on 3 Asians format and is open to institutional and cross-institutional teams.

To date, the tournament at Jodhpur was a biennial event organized along with our cultural fest, NH65. However, in order to ensure a bigger, better and a more competitive tournament, the debate will henceforth be an annual, independent tournament. Rest assured that all the fun from NH65 still stays.

Vipul Nanda and Raunaq Chandrashekhar will preside over the debate. We will be announcing the other members of the Adjudication Core on Facebook over the next few days. 

The NLUJ PD has Cash prizes worth over Rs. 1.8 lakh in store.

The registration fees is Rs. 2000/- per person and includes accommodation and travel for the course of the tournament. For those that do not require accommodation, the fee is Rs. 1200/per person. To register, click on the following links;

 i) For Institutional Contingents/Cross teams:

 ii) For Independent Adjudicators (inclusive of the Subsidy Application):

The first round of registration ends on March 23, 2018 (Fridayafter which we plan on releasing a list of teams and adjudicators that have been allotted slots on March 24, 2018 (Saturday). Confirmation of these slots is contingent on the teams and adjudicators completing the payment process by March 27, 2018 (Tuesday). The cap on the total number of teams is 40.  We do not have a formal cap on the number of teams per institution.

In case of any further questions, clarifications or queries please feel free to contact us through our Facebook page 

( or via e-mail ( You can also follow us on Instagram (nlujpd) for live updates.Any registration related inquiries can also be made to Amanee Kadakia (+91 98333 69614), Nirmal Bhansali (+91 99006 92766) or Ananya Bajpai (+91 99532 91964).

We look forward to hosting you in April.

Event Type :Debate

Venue: Jodhpur , Rajasthan , India

Event Date : 13-04-2018 To 15-04-2018

Registration fee: 2000

Organiser Details:

Organiser ( National Law University, Jodhpur )

Contact Person : Amanee Kadakia

Mobile : 98333 69614

Email :