Call for Papers: National Seminar on Emerging Trends of Alternative Dispute Resolution in India


Particulars of Event:

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) technique, as the name suggests, evolved as an alternative to the conventional method of dispute settlement by courts. Alternative Dispute Resolution is a technique for resolution of disputes outside the courts. These techniques are encouraging and prospective option for resolution of disputes in India.

With the growth of laws and number of cases, the conventional method of dispute settlement by courts is under great pressure. In order to reduce the burden of Court and save time, efforts are made to resolve the disputes by resorting to Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques. The Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and Negotiation are the primary tools of Alternative Dispute Redressal. Arbitration is the most preferred option as it is a speedy remedy since the rules of evidence and procedure are far more flexible; there are no crowded dockets; arbitrators are expertise in the issues being addressed; there can be relevantly higher level of confidentiality and privacy; whereas corruption and political overreach are minimized; and the parties can choose preferred laws and procedures to be applied.

With the globalization, liberalization and rapid growth of international trade, there is higher growth of settlement of international disputes through International Commercial Arbitration. While keeping the growth of India's economic development coupled with the renewed confidence of foreign investors to invest in India, it has become important to provides a swifter justice delivery system to resolve commercial disputes. For a country like India with its burgeoning cases waiting to be disposed with limited judicial outreach, arbitration can be valuable option to resolve the disputes. The Seminar endeavor to cover the emerging issues and challenges faced for settlement of disputes through alternative dispute resolution techniques in India.


Objective of the Seminar

Alternative Dispute Resolution is being increasingly acknowledged in the field of law and commercial sector. The very reasons for origin of Alternative Dispute Resolution is tiresome processes of litigation, higher costs and inadequacy of the court system. In the final quarter of the last century, there was phenomenal growth of science and technology. It has made a great impact on commercial life while increasing competition throughout the world. It also generated a concern for protection of the rights of the parties. The legal system does not provide adequate response to the new regime and problems relating to the commercial world which requires speedy and effective resolution of disputes. In this context, dispute resolution through ADR techniques are seen as more effective and viable. Considering its significance, the Faculty of Law, JMI is organizing a Seminar on Alternative Dispute Resolution with the following proposed objective:

   ·         To enhance the knowledge, understanding and scope of ADR;

   ·         To explore and expound the understanding of the emerging trends of ADR;

   ·         To create awareness of importance of ADR as part of justice delivery system;

   ·         To strengthen the implementation of ADR effectively;

   ·         To equip the students and professionals with practical aspect of ADR techniques to promote independent career in the field; &

   ·         To look for futuristic assessment of best practice in the area of ADR.


This National Seminar offers an opportunity to experts from various disciplines comprising of Researchers, Academicians, Policymakers, Government Organizations, Law Experts, International Lawyers, Judges, Negotiators, Diplomats, Government Representatives, National Organizations, Media Representatives, Non-Governmental Organizations and Students to come together and share their valuable thoughts on the issues relating to following majors themes:

             i.            Alternative Dispute Resolution System

           ii.            Emerging Issues in Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation and Negotiation

         iii.            Legislation and ADR Practices in India

          iv.            Role of Judiciary in ADR

            v.            ADR and Criminal Justice System in India

          vi.            Scope of Institutional Arbitration in India

        vii.            International Commercial Arbitration

      viii.            Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards

          ix.            Mediation in Family and Matrimonial Disputes

            x.            Online Dispute Resolution

        xi.   Emergency Arbitration The above themes are indicative and the author can send the article on any topic related to the broad theme of the        Seminar.


Call for Papers

Seminar papers are invited from the academicians, practitioners, researchers, scholars and students on the issues related to the above themes. It is also proposed that the selected papers by the Committee will be published in a special volume on the Seminar in the form of an edited book with ISBN No. Authors of selected papers would be given an opportunity to present their papers as per requirement of the theme during sessions on the day of the seminar.


Guidelines for Submission

Interested authors should submit an abstract of their original research/conceptual papers and empirical studies/case studies briefly describing objectives, methodology, major results and its implications in about 300-350 words. All abstracts will be peer reviewed and evaluated before final acceptance. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit and present full paper at the seminar. Accepted abstracts are likely to be published in the Souvenir of the projected Seminar. The length of the full papers should normally not exceed approximately 5000 words (excluding tables, figures, illustrations and references etc.) and it must be typed in Times New Roman Font Size 12 on A4 size paper with 1" margin on all sides with 1.5 line spacing using MS Word. The Blue Book: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed.) must be strictly adhered to while submitting the abstract and full papers.

All the Abstracts and Full-length papers shall be sent as an attachment on email id.


Registration Procedure & Fees

Participants willing to attend the Seminar should fill the enclosed Registration Form and submit it latest by 30thSeptember, 2018. Filled-in registration form can be sent electronically @ or by post. Registration Fees can only be paid in cash at the Registration Desks on the inaugural day at the venue [Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025].


Registration Fees

   ·         Professionals (NGOs/Media Persons/Policymakers): Rs. 1000

   ·         Academicians: Rs. 800

   ·         Research Scholars: Rs. 600

   ·         Students: Rs. 400

   ·         Foreign Delegates: US$ 50



   ·         Last Date for Submission of Abstracts by Post/E-mail (Softcopy): 9th September, 2018

   ·         Intimation on Selection of the Abstract: 10th September, 2018

   ·         Last Date for Submission of Full Paper: 30th September, 2018

   ·         Soft Copy of the Submissions should be addressed at:

   ·         Hard Copy of the Submissions should be sent at: The Dean, Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025

   ·         Details of Seminar Sessions will be updated on the web-site of JMI

   ·         On the spot registration will be available at Registration Desk on the day of seminar.

   ·         No TA/DA will be paid to participants.



The venue of the Seminar will be Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi- 110025


In Case of Queries and Clarification the following may be contacted: [Timing: 9:30 am-4:30 pm]

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   ·         Dr. Faizanur Rahman (Assistant Professor):  +91-8348333999

   ·         Varsha Gulaya (Student): +91-8130398800

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