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Judgements are the decisions of judicial bodies with respect to the rights and liabilities of parties in dispute or legal proceedings.

Case law generally consists of facts, arguments, related laws, evidence, application of law and the reasoned decision. They are very important and referred frequently by the legal professionals since they are also used as precedents.

Precedents are the rule of law established by judicial authorities for the first time in a particular case and further referred to while deciding cases of similar nature.

World Law Centre provides the users judgements of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in an easily searchable format. Supreme Court judgements can be accessed and downloaded for free. The website provides the compilation of recent judgements of the Supreme Court.

The website hopes to provide Supreme Court Judgements since 1950 till date, which would make the website a one-stop solution for users to get the case laws on landmark as well as latest decisions.

A responsive judgement search engine of Apex Court is available on the website, which is helpful to the law students and the law professionals for references. A large number of keywords enable a quick and easy judgement search. The search engine is user friendly with appropriate filters. To optimize search users can apply filters. The website provides a facility to search the Supreme Court case laws by names or keywords or name of judges or date of decision or Acts. The accessibility to download and see the case laws is not restricted, which makes it handy to both registered and non-registered users. We hope to introduce High Court Judgements soon.

Case No. Case No. Journal No. Judgment Date; Judge Name; Parties; Actwise; Const. Seat; Free Text. Case Type, Number, Year, Reportable.The Latest Supreme Court Judgments for July 2018 with finish points of interest of case numbers, parties name, judge names and headnotes.Supreme Court of India. Principle Search | Search Tips | About 1947 (397). 1948 (30). 1949 (6). 1950 (61). 1951 (85). 1952 (111). 1953 (127). 1954 (187).supreme court judgements, high court judgements, case law.The Judgments Information framework comprises of the Judgments of the Supreme court of India and a few High Courts. On account of the Supreme Court all.he Supreme Court on Tuesday held its decision on a grip of requests testing the protected legitimacy of area 377 of Indian Penal.The most recent Tweets from Latest Supreme Court Judgments (@SCJudgments). Most recent Supreme Court Judgments.Transparency activists have dependably extolled and offered credit to the Supreme Court of India.Against the judgment dated 20.03.2018 go by the Lahore High Court, Lahore in Criminal Appeal No. 167868/J of 2018 and Capital Sentence Reference.This is a rundown of the judgments given by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in the year 2017. 5 cases have been chosen starting at 25 January 2017. Find sc judgments, recent judgments, judgments of preeminent court of India. Writ Petition (Civil), 754 of 2016, Judgment Date: Jul 17, 2018. Full Judgment. Incomparable Court of India.Supreme Court Judgments/Orders on Manual Scavenging.The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday precluded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from holding office for life.citation, decision, jurisdiction, Supreme Court judgment 2G case Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports.This article was before distributed in the EPW website.women's rights legal counselor and executive of Majlis.Analysis of Supreme Court Judgments on Permanent Establishment .Income Tax - Hon'ble Supreme Court on account of Goetze (India) Ltd.


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