Directory of International Law Universities

World Law Centre provides a Directory of International Law Universities which showcases all the top ranked reputed universities providing legal education.
Law is an essential requirement for every free society. There is a growing demand for quality legal education. The growing economy and international trade has not only provided new challenges to legal education but also highlighted the lack of international exposure in the field of legal education. Studying abroad is a big step forward. Today it is important for young students to avail of international job and business opportunities.

There are many international institutions dedicated to legal studies. The method used to provide legal education abroad is quite different andmany students prefer to study abroad as they get a lot of exposure.

To assist young students in realizing their dream of studying abroad, we have provided a detailed listing of foreign universities. The Listing provided consistsof all the necessary details such as, location and courses etc.

The website is free of cost and we wish to provide a medium through which students can easily search international legal institutions. International Law University of one’s choice can be effortlessly found by the search facility provided. To make the search easier we have also provided filters for optimizing the search alphabetically.

We are keen to provide a connection between students and foreign institutions to ease the search so that the students get the detailed knowledge of the courses provided by them. We hope to provide information on cost of living and fees etc. We desire to give you resourceful information regarding every top foreign university which deals in law. In some time we hope to assist young Indian students to obtain admission in International Law Universities abroad.