Tanzania: Judge Slaps 30 Year Sentence On Tabora Rapist

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Tabora Resident Judge Joctan Rushwela on 5 December 2018 sentenced a Chemchem resident Mr Patrick Kabula (24) to 30 years imprisonment for raping a five-year-old girl after been satisfied by evidence given by seven witnesses. Judge Rushwela said he decided to give a severe penalty to the defendant as a deterrent to other people with similar behaviors. Initially the prosecution led by a state lawyer Mr Idd Mgeni alleged that on February 12 this year at Mwinyi area, while in his home the defendant raped the five-year-old child and caused severe pain in her private parts. He told the court that the accused had threatened the girl that he would kill her if she informed anyone about the incident. However, the girl's mother suspected something unpleasant had happened to the girl when she discovered blood stains in her undergarments.