Justices take case on illegal immigrant possessing guns

The Washington Times

The Supreme Court said Friday it will take a case involving an illegal immigrant who claims he didn't know his status had lapsed when he went to shoot a gun at a range, thus violating a law against illegal immigrants possessing weaponry. Hamid Rehaif, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, was studying on a student visa at the Florida Institute of Technology when the school sent emails saying he'd been "academically dismissed," and his visa would be ending. Ten months later he was found in possession of ammunition and admitted he'd been to a firing range where he rented weapons to shoot - putting in violation of a federal ban on illegal immigrants possessing guns or ammunition. He says wanted to argue that he never got the emails so he didn't know he was no longer legally in the country - and thus didn't "knowingly" violate the law - but the lower courts made that point moot.