Draft Constitution to be presented before Feb 4: TNA

Daily Mirror

The draft Constitution which was to be presented in Parliament on December 7, 2018, would be presented before February 4 2019, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Spokesman MP M.A. Sumanthiran said. He briefed this when the visiting Member of the European Parliament Geoffrey Van Orden met with Leader of the TNA R. Sampanthan yesterday in Colombo. Apprising Van Orden of the recent political developments in the country Mr. Sampanthan pointed out the importance of the reconstitution of the Constitutional Council through which the independence of the judiciary has been preserved which was clearly demonstrated during the recent crisis situation. Further answering a question Mr. Sampanthan expressed that "our support to reinstate the Government was on Principle. The country was in distress and there was no Prime Minister or a Government. We had to support to reinstate the Government to prevent further damage being done to the economy and for normalcy in the functioning of institutions in this Country" said Mr. Sampanthan. Mr. Sampanthan pointed out that the new Constitution must ensure that the Country is undivided and indivisible, further it should also ensure that there is a genuine power-sharing arrangement which allows the people and the regional/provincial governments to exercise powers in regard to the matters that are connected to their day to day life. Further speaking, Mr. Sampanthan said, when a New Constitution is introduced if we see it as a reasonable and acceptable one, our people will accept it.