Soft Skills that an Employment Law Professional should have


Rakesh Vashi

Soft skills are the thin line between an ordinary and an extraordinary attorney. Some of the crucial soft skills that a law professional must have are:-

Good listener: As it is rightly said, only a good listener can be a good speaker. So, unless a lawyer listens to the client properly, he/she won't be able to have a strong-hold on the whole case.

Ability to understand the feeling of others: In order to appreciate what the client is going through or has gone through, the legal professional must have the quality of empathy for a better understanding of the emotional aspect of the case.

Good analyzing skills: A lawyer deals with a huge amount of information and thus, it is extremely crucial for a lawyer to be able to reach a logical conclusion based on the available information.

Ability to adapt: Not every time things go as per the plan, thus a legal expert must always be prepared for the unexpected and stand firm on his ground.

The ability to connect the dots: Just like Sherlock Holmes, a lawyer must also the ability to connect the dots. Many-a-times, the client isn't able to give the full details and it is upon the legal professional to take up the probe. Hence, the quality to dig out the missing links makes it easy for a lawyer to ensure justice for his/her client.

Appreciating the minutes: What may look like a very small part of the whole episode, sometimes turns out to be the crux of the entire story. Thus, the lawyer must take note of every little aspect so that there is no loophole in his/her background research.

Defence is the best attack: Attorneys usually counter each other with proofs, allegations, and interpretations. Keeping this in mind, every legal professional must make it sure that he is aware of every aspect of his case and has an answer for every claim/blame. As they say, it is always difficult to conquer a well-guarded fort, the lawyer must also guard his/her client in the same manner.

Mutual trust: It is always advised to not hide anything from our doctor and lawyer, yet, many-a-times, clients don't open to the lawyers. Thus, the lawyer must have a welcoming personality that makes the client feel homely and comfortable. A client is usually the first and the most important source of information for the lawyer. So, it is of utmost importance that the client doesn't feel shy and expresses freely.

 Courage: This is probably the most essential quality, a legal professional must have. The employment justice professional usually fight a case against big, established and resourceful organisations and firms. Hence, it is very important that the legal professional does his job fearlessly and not under the intimidation of any influential person.

An out of the box approach: The conventional ways have become out-dated. It is the time to not just crack the code but also to crack it in the most creative manner possible. A creative solution leads to the desired results in the shortest time possible.

Ability to make people reach a mid-way: As Lord Buddha, Himself says, one must always follow the middle path, it is not always necessary to drag things into court and have ugly brawls. Sometimes, it is better to reach a compromise that benefits both the parties. It not only saves time but money as well. So, the lawyer must have the sense to figure out when to choose the middle path.

Shrewd: The legal expert must have a certain degree of shrewdness. The opponents shouldn't be able to predict their next move. The shrewdness gives an edge to the legal professional.

Sound regular: A legal professional must not try to sound too technical to his/her clients. The language of the laws is usually complex and many people don't follow it. So, it is advised not to use too much of legal terms.

Body language: Your body language sometimes speaks louder than your words. So, a legal professional must be very careful that his/her body language must not look cold, unwelcoming or mocking to the client.

Teamwork:  We live in the age of laws. There are a plethora of laws for almost every circumstance. Hence, the complexity of the cases has multiplied. Thus, in such complex cases, many lawyers come together for one client. This is why; the legal professionals must also be open to working with other colleagues. For them to win, working with team-spirit is necessary.

There are some law firms like which take care of such soft skills while hiring the attorneys.

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I am a law student and like to write about various aspects of law.

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