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Justitia popularly known as goddess of justice is a Greek mythological figure.

The Romans also believe her to be the goddess of justice although in roman mythology her name is said to have been Lustitia.She was popularized by emperor Augustus and is not considered to be an old deity.Romans consider her to be a virgin who left earth to become Virgo, one of the constellations.

In Greek mythology she is often referred to as themis and she is said to be one of the titans and the child born of Uranus and Gai. Themis is considered to have originated the oracle which she then handed over to Apollo.

In Egyptian mythology she is known as goddess Maat, the goddess of truth, order, law and justice.

Both Themis (Justicia) and Dike are often referred to as the goddess of Justice.It is, however, Justitia who has been called as the goddess of divine justice. She is also referred to as the mother of Dike.

She had two daughters namely Astraea and Dike who were also addressed as goddesses of justice not as same as Justitia who was addressed as divine justice.The two daughters, Astraea and Dike were her offspring from the God Zeus, with whom she sat and offered advice.She is also reputed to have several other children from her concerts including Fates, Hours.

Goddess Justitia is been known for her carrying the scales of justice in one hand and the sword in the other with her eyes blindfolded.The blindfold is, however believed to be a recent addition to the story of Justitia.

The Greeks regarded Goddess Themis as a Titan born of the sky, having the ability to see the future whereas Romans believed that Justicia or Justice was one of the four Virtues alongside Prudence, Fortitude, and Temperance.Goddess Themis had been seen as a goddess who has the ability to enable herself to foresee the future, which made her the goddess of divine justice.

The significance of the scale of justice is that it depicts the right balance and weighs the sides in a dispute with the right evidence to reach to what is true. Wherein the sword symbolizes of authority to enforce justice. Lady Justice has been recognized as symbols of justice, a woman holding scales and a sword, which refers to equal and fair administration as to law.

Whenever there is a discussion to the profession of law the image of Justicia depicts the law profession universally. It states its importance to every lawyer, hjudge and other legal professionals. As per tradition Justitia wears a blindfold with a sword and scales which attributes the fair legal administration without corruption.

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