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India Code

India code is the Government of India compilation of all the central legislations. It is a website which is managed by the Legislative Department and has a database of all Central Acts passed by the Parliament since 1836. It gives an overview of all Indian Courts, explains the Judgment Information System on the Supreme Court Website and lists all High Courts and Tribunals in India. It also lists websites of different Courts and provides a search for subordinate legislations.

The India Code provides related links to Supreme Court of India, legislative department, Department of Legal Affairs, Department of Justice, Department of Company Affairs, Law Commission of India, Ministry of Law and Justice, NHRC, Tihar Prisons etc. It also provides important links to Lok Sabha questions, Rajya Sabha questions, Constituent Assembly Debates, rules of procedures and conduct of business in Lok Sabha, rules of procedures and conduct of Business in Rajya Sabha, Directions by the Speaker, Lok Sabha, Directions by the Chairman, Rajya Sabha, Manual of Parliamentary Procedures in the Government of India, legislative bodies in India.


Acts in India

Parliament and State Legislatures are responsible for enacting various legislations in India. These legislations when enacted are called Acts.

Part XI of the Constitution of India provides for distribution of legislative powers between Parliament and State Legislature. The Constitution provides that Parliament has the right to make laws for whole of India (Central Acts) while as the State Legislatures have the power to make laws for the whole of the States (State Acts) under Article 245. Article 246 of the Constitution provides for the distribution of legislative powers. This is done under Schedule VII of the Constitution. Schedule VII consists of the List I, List II and List III. List I being the Union List, List II the State List and List III the Concurrent List.

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