Help Centre

The World Law Centre endeavors to provide some basic answers to commonly asked questions.
The intention is to provide basic information to enable the common man and young members of the legal fraternity. Keeping this in view, the website has a web page with the name 'Help Centre'.

There is a lot of gap between factual knowledge and legal issues, which ranges from simple to highly complicated matters. Researching on each topic is very time consuming so to make it easy and simple World Law Centre has created a Help Centre. It is useful to find solution to legal issues and increases accessibility of information in the field of law.

If anyone is facing some minor legal issues or is trying to get some basic knowledge, the World Law Centre seeks to help. Our goal is to keep the user informed and help the users to understand the issues in a better way. We are committed to provide assistance to basic legal knowledge. This platform facilitates legal education, information, and knowledgeable resources to create awareness among legal fraternity as well as common people interested in law.

The Help Centre seeks to provide some basic templates and formats of deeds, documents, suits and petitions. It also seeks to provide the rates of stamp duty and court fee. An attempt is being made to make stamp duty and court fee calculators. The prescribed limitation is being presented in a simple and easy to understand format.

The website does not intend to be a substitute for professional legal advice. All users are advised to obtain appropriate legal advice from their advocate.