World Law Centre is a platform which caters to the needs of law students, professors, lawyers and the common man by making available a wide range of resources.

On a single platform, you can find the latest Acts and amendments along with their rules, the latest legal news, case laws, books, updates of events, seminars, conferences and call for papers from different colleges, various online courses, contact information of lawyers, colleges, law firms and companies, and a lot more!

WLC recognizes the influence youth can have and have launched the Campus Ambassador Programme to integrate them into the WLC team and provide them with opportunities to grow while acting as a bridge between us and your college.


We are looking for students with:

  • strong leadership skills;

  • effective communication skills;

  • enthusiastic, diligent and proactive students;

  • ability to organize and work in a team;

  • who actively participate in activities such as moot-courts, conferences and seminars, internships, debating etc. so as to engage a variety of people.

  • who possess the ability to multi - task and handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously, ensuring their timely completion.


  • Become known in your college and obtain other leadership roles.

  • Acquire skills like team work, effective organization, professionalism, marketing, communication and leadership skills, along with a opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

  • Work under the guidance of eminent lawyers, top law firms and companies from India and across the globe.

  • Learn how to conduct yourself in internships and how to effectively plan out your path in your profession.

  • Exposure to the work culture of student-run initiatives.

  • Attend all events, courses and workshops organized by WLC free of cost.

  • Get recommended to top law firms in the country.

  • Connect with other Ambassadors from different colleges throughout the country.

  • Become part of an online global community which exchanges ideas and knowledge.

  • Get a Certificate of Appreciation from WLC.

  • Add your organizational experience and position of responsibility in your CV.

  • The Ambassador whose performance will be the best amongst all the Ambassadors from all over India shall be given the "Best Campus Ambassador Award" along with a cash prize.


  • The ambassador will be responsible to promote World Law Centre in his/her college and come up with ideas on how we can liaise between WLC and your institute / university.

  • Build relationships with all students and student union representatives.

  • Introduce and promote WLC, its services and events through all kinds of social media of your institution and as and when required you would be required to help us distribute communications, posts, and pamphlets etc amongst your faculty and students.

  • Help us organize various workshops/ events and other promotional activities in your institution and surrounding areas.

  • The Ambassador will be required to maintain confidentiality with regard to all information shared with him/her by WLC and will not take any assignment similar in nature of a Campus / Brand Ambassador etc. on behalf of any other organization.

  • WLC reserves the right to dismiss any Ambassador from the programme if such an Ambassador shows a casual or lax approach towards discharging the assigned duties and consistently fails to meet the targets set. Such an Ambassador will also not be entitled to receive the Certificate of Appreciation.


Students from the second year onwards with a good academic record and a drive to work can apply.

The WLC Campus Ambassador Programme is for a period of 12 (twelve) months and Ambassadors will be required to invest 3 (three) to 4 (four) hours per week.


Students interested in becoming Ambassadors can apply by sending an article and their updated CV (including recent grades/ percentage) on

The article should be related to any legal topic. It should not be more than 1,000 words and should be sent in Word/ PDF format.

You will be notified in a few weeks after a thorough assessment of your application.

Last date for applications: 15th August, 2018.