Directory of Bar Associations

Most advocates in India are members of local associations called Bar Associations.

They have no statutory functions unlike the State Bar Councils. Their membership is not mandatory under law. They are non-statutory representative bodies created to protect the interests of lawyers. Most courts have their independent associations. In many places, they exist in the same court premises. They have no structured hierarchy. However, advocates become members of different associations for recognition and facilities, which are provided by these associations. They are dedicated to serve their members.

Generally, they elect their governing bodies or management committees. The President or Chairman is generally elected from amongst the members of the Association. Mostly elections are held once a year. The other elected representative of an Association may be the Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer etc.

Many such associations provide free legal aid and run programs for the protection of the downtrodden. On numerous occasions the associations have had to resort to various kinds of agitations to protest against atrocities, police brutality or administrative excesses. In many of the smaller districts such associations play a great role in public activities and social causes. They act as instruments of social reform.

World Law Centre believes that the members of Bar Associations can revolutionize social change in India and create awareness against injustice and environment. We have attempted to create a comprehensive Directory of Bar Associations. One can search them by name or by location. It is recommended to use filters to optimize the search.